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 The Big Support 

Dr. Guth has recently retired from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association where he served as Southeast Regional Director. He also served as Executive Director for Florida Men of Integrity for ten years. Dr. Guth and his wife, Patricia, have been married for 47 years. They have one son, Michael. They live in Gainesville, Florida.
He writes this message to all those who want to be involved in winning others to Christ.  
My Hope provides a simple and fearless way for followers of Jesus to present the Gospel. It is simply sharing Jesus through the use of an anointed video developed by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and personal testimony. 

There are several reasons why most Christians in our churches do not share the Gospel. Although most Christians are aware of the Great Commandment, they do not feel adequately prepared to share their faith with others, or are afraid they might offend an acquaintance by doing so. My Hope with Billy Graham provides a way for Christians to lead others to the Lord by removing these roadblocks, With My Hope the Gospel is clearly and powerfully presented by video, With My Hope it is recommended that the presenter of the video next share their testimony of how Jesus has impacted their life. and then lead in a prayer to received Christ. Millions of people throughout the world have received Christ as their Lord and Savior using this simple way of sharing about Jesus. 

So, what are the outcomes of using My Hope. First, and most obvious, is that lives are saved. However, from a pastoral perspective, there are many other benefits of using the My Hope strategy. Once a person has the experience of leading anther to the Lord, they will want to do it again. They will feel less fear in sharing their faith. They will feel a greater assurance of their ability to impact other for Christ. Overall, in the church, a pastor can expect to see an increased amount of evangelistic engagement and prayer among his flock. This change among the congregants has the potential to produce a synergy of evangelistic effort in the church never before experience. Also, because the Gospel is the most anointed message in the Universe, the increased involvement of those in the church in evangelism could foster in a spirit of revival would assuredly have an eternal impact on the believers in the church. This will bring about a greater unity in purpose in the church and foster more love and prayer among the fellowship. 

The implementation of My Hope requires minimal time and effort on the part of the pastors and staff. Some training on sharing testimonies and on how to lead the “sinners” prayer are recommended for My Hope participants. Follow up strategies and materials are available through the BGEA. The implementation of a strong follow-up strategy is necessary to make sure that no one “falls through the cracks” or left behind. You do not want to lead someone to the cross, then leave them at the foot of the cross without providing prompt support and discipleship. Otherwise, the enemy may come to steal, kill, and destroy. 

There is no way any simpler than My Hope to lead people to Christ for the first time. As a pastor or Christian leader, consider My Hope for use in your church or ministry. "

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Dr. Jim Guth,
Southeastern Director from the Billy Graham Organization. 
We invite you to view this video below from Billy Graham on this website.     And others can be found at

  The Cross- Sanctuary of Hope
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