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What is your part in reaching 7 billion people?

Bearing Precious Seed 
Evangelism Explosion
Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
Dr. David Jeremiah
Rejoice TV
Perry Stone
Lion and Lamb Ministries
Pat Roberson
John Ankerberg
Hal Lindsey
Dr. Jack Van Impe
Dr. Chuck Swindoll
John Hagee Ministries
Creflo Dollar
Dr. Charles Stanley
T. D. Jakes
Endtime Ministries
Dr. J. Vernan McGee
Adrian Rodgers
Alistar Begg
Andrew Wommack
Jesus Film
Project 100 Million
Campus Crusade for Christ
Christ for All the Nations
World View Ministries
Luis Palau Association
Sid Roth's "It's Supernatural"
Joel Olsteen Ministies
Hope of the World
James Robinson
World Impact
Jesse Duplantis Ministries
Promise Keepers
Benny Hinn
Strang Communications
Gideons International
Kristi Overton Johnson
Tony Evans

If you can understand Divine Synergy, you can believe how the job can be completed.

Don't try to use the Great Commission to promote your agenda;   Use the YOUR agenda to promote the Great Commission!

The Bible says without a Vision the people perish!   If you as a leader or you who are laymen see this as an opportunity; 

As God's timing to fulfil the GREAT COMMISSION; then become part of God's "synergy" not man's attempt!

Pray about understanding the difference between man's effort and Divine "synergy". (Study this word) .   

Please have your webmaster contact us at The Great Commission Connection via our Contact Us Form.   Click Here

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