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 The Body of Christ 

The Lord Jesus Prayed: " Our Father, who art in Heaven......Thy kingdom come on Earth as it is in Heaven. 

I think we have confused the issue by thinking the denominational church is always synonymous with the Kingdom of God!   The true "Body of Christ"  All of the "Born Again Believers" make up the "Sleeping Giant."

The true Body of Christ.   The big issue seems to be Religion verses Relationship with Jesus Christ.   Jesus said in Matthew 24:14 ....when this Kingdom is preached in all nations, this will be the end! 

My prayer is that because of this website, the Holy Spirit can create real Divine Synergy within the Body of Christ.  

Ask yourself - "What is my part of the Great Commission?"

All pray this sleeping Giant would awaken.  

The Great Commission could be fulfilled within weeks!

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