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The Big Challenge to the churches!

16,842 people groups in the world!
6,989 unreached (no access to Gospel)
3000 unengaged (no one coming with Gospel)
224,000  100% Muslim 
3 billion still waiting (for someone to bring Gospel)
7099 languages
636 have Bible in their language
3876 have NO Bibles in their language
For more of these eye-opening
statistics please watch this
overview from Dr. Ken Fielder
-Director of Worldview
"Motivate the Body of Christ to develope "Godly Synergy" using 21st century technology to cast the Big Love"
Matthew 24:14 "And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come"
200 translations of the English Bibles exist
       90 scholars worked on Holman Bible
       100 scholars worked on English Standard Bible
       130 scholars worked on New Kings Bible
             (which cost over 5 million dollars to produce)
The labor on these translations alone could have produced the scriptures in 240 unreached languages. In the last 20 years if we could have sent all of these scholars who worked on these English translations overseas, we would have been able to have the whole Bible in 2175 languages instead of just 636 languages.
Fulfilling the Great Commission in this generation is not an option, but a mandate

Modern technology: including the internet, global satellites, television, radio and social media, make it now possible to reach the entire world!

Jesus said, "lift up your eyes for the Fields are white unto harvest and the harvest is ready now!"
Uniting the Body of Christ for a powerful Christian voice, one person at a time, or small or large parts of the Body of Christ.  The timing is now - the opportunity unprecedented. 
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