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If someone could take the Bible, God's love letter to all mankind,  and create a short video that would summarize the plan of God as it relates to each of us, it would probably be this video.   It shows how and why we can have hope in Christ.  It explains how Jesus paid the penalty for all of our sins and the sins of everyone.  It shares how that by simply trusting in that "once in for all" sacrifice and receiving Jesus as our very own personal Lord and Savior, we can know we have forgiveness of sins.  We can be assured of a destiny with Him eternally.   

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All of us know someone in need of Christ.  We may not have courage to share the gospel. We may not have the opportunity to share the gospel or don't feel that we can explain it well enough.  This video is a beautiful, artistic, tactful way of explaining God's love for each of us and the sacrifice Christ made for each of us.   It sums up the Gospel- the death, burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ and extends an invitation for them to accept Him as their personal Savior.


You can even download The Story By Spread Truth Ministries, Inc. from the App store for Apple or Android cell phone.  The app will let you track how many people open and watch the video that you personally sent as well as how many people world wide are watching it.   You can even send it in almost any language.  It is a miraculous,

technological method of "getting the Word out!"  

The Story

The Story

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